Website Design

Website designs require a specific deposit of the total amount at least 7 days prior to the project start date. You will receive an invoice within 48 hours after your consultation.  All deposits are final and non-refundable unless cancelled by the designer. Remaining payments will be due on a scheduled basis. If needing a change of date, please contact designer at least 72 hours in advanced of project start date.

The Process

Website designs begin on the agreed-upon start project date and after the initial deposit is received. A client checklist will be sent within 48-72 hours, with the following request to be completed on or before the specified due dates. If checklist is not completed by the client in the specified timeframe, this will prolong the completion of the website design and may cause project date reschedule or up to cancellation. 

During the design process, up-to three meetings will be scheduled to go over design updates. If design appointments are missed, up to 1 reschedule is allowed. 

Branding Calls

All branding calls must be scheduled through the website booking scheduler. Once payment is made, you are able to pick from the available date and time slots. Please ensure that you are on time for the scheduled appointment. You will have up to 15 minutes after the specified appointment time before cancellation. If appointment is missed, session will be cancelled and you will have to book another appointment. All payments are final and non-refundable unless cancelled by the designer. 


Prior to website designs or bookings, each brand owner must complete a brand inquiry form. After completion, the brand inquiry will be reviewed, and determined if we will move forward with an consultation.


After consultation is completed, we will determine if we will move forward with project.